Lifmex LHDT400 Hydraulic Drum Tilter

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Lifmex LHDT400 Hydraulic Drum Tilter

  • Economic Solution for Lifting, Transporting and Placing Drums on Spill Pallets or Standard Pallets.
  • No need for the operator to touch the drum to raise, transport or lower.
  • Design is light, the operation is simple and convenient.
  • One gear box is provided to rotate the Drum. After lifting the Drum hydraulically the Drum can be rotated up to required angle 360 Degrees by turning the handle.
  • Oil firm occlusion.
  • Can handle open drums, hazardous/high temperature liquids, etc. without spillage.
  • Can stack drum vertically one above the other without the use of pallets.
  • It is quite a one man show, the Drum need not be touched by hand.
  • This is the ultimate solution for quick, safe & fast Drum Handling in warehouses & plants.
Capacity (KG) 400
Flip Angle 180 degree
Oil Drum Vertical Height (mm) 1450
Oil Drum Level Height (mm) 1350
Oil Drum 135o Tilt Height (mm) 1250
Overall Length (mm) 1200
Overall Width (mm) 960
Overall Height (mm) 2030
Min. Turning radius (mm) 1250
Net Weight (KG) 210
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Lifmex LHDT400 Hydraulic Drum Tilter