Matsuda S100

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Safety Shower & Eye Washer, GI

Matsuda S100 Safety Shower & Eye Washer

  • EN 15154-1:2006
  • EN 15154-2:2006
  • Connect Unit to an Uninterruptible Water Supply Capable of Delivering Required Flow When All Components Are Operated Simultaneously.
  • Shower Can Provide 76 Liters of Water Per Minute.
  • Center of the Water Pattern 16” from Any Obstructions.
  • Large Area Cover of Water Flow, At 60”, The Water Pattern Cover 20” in Diameter.
  • Ball Valve Activates Within One Second.
  • Easily Located, Accessible Actuator No Higher Than 69”.
  • Controlled, Low-Velocity Flow Completely Rinses Eyes & Face is Not Injurious to the User.
  • Eye Washer Unit Deliver 11.5 Liters of Water Per Minute.
  • Protect Spray Heads from Airborne.
  • The Shower is Activated By A Pull Rod & Eyewash is Activated By A Flag Handle or Foot Treadle.
  • Two Spray-Type Outlet Heads Deliver A Flood of Water for Rinsing Eyes.
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