Safety Sorbent

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Safety Sorbent


WYK Anti-Slip Safety Sorbent

WYK Safety Sorbent has been in commercial use since 1967 providing sure footed traction and instant absorption action!

Anti-Slip Safety Sorbent is concentrated and very economical to use. Studies have shown the average shaker carton is used three times in cleaning up small spills and nuisance drips. A case of cartons will absorb up to 4 US gallons of oil and most other liquids.

  • Non Biodegradable.
  • Inert And Insoluble.
  • Meets Landfill Requirements.
  • Free From Silica Gel.
Keep The Butcher Upright!

For use as an anti-slip compound, we recommend that your “Salt & Peeper” the area. This equates to roughly 200 square feet per shaker carton. After use or when saturated, sweep up and re-apply as needed.

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